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We're thrilled about the prospect of working together and look forward to learning how we can support your needs. At Des Makeup & Hair, we're dedicated to serving valuable clients with expert beauty services who value quality, transparency, and — above all else — are just plain excited about working together. If our 20 years of industry experience have taught us anything, it's that people matter and picking the right ones to invest in, is worth its weight in gold.


We specialize in airbrush makeup for all skin types and hairstyling for all textures. We also provide makeup lessons, tattoo coverage, and full day experiences tailored just for you. When working with Desi for your event and experience, you can expect professionalism, honesty, expertise in artistry and sanitation.

The Ultimate 

Beauty Experience


Los Angeles-based makeup artist and hair stylist with a passion for her craft that began at the tender age of 15. With certification in makeup artistry since 2004, Desi's fascination with fine art has inspired her to create her own beautiful works on paper and canvas. Her love for art continues to drive her to explore new and unique techniques with no boundaries.


As a freelance artist, Desi's commitment to excellence has led her to learn from mentors and to become well-versed in application & color theory. She has extensive experience in photographic work, HD work, and commercial work under all lighting conditions. Desi's innate ability to enhance the natural beauty of her subjects, regardless of gender, ethnicity, or character portrayal, is a testament to her skill and dedication. She meticulously perfects every detail, creating flawless, intense, dramatic and artistic makeup and hair.

Desi's work has been featured in numerous publications, including Vogue, Harper's Bazaar, and Playboy. Desi is known for her ability to create looks that are both beautiful and unique, and for her dedication to ensuring that each client feels confident and comfortable in their own skin.


In addition to her work as a makeup artist and hair stylist, Desi is also a mentor to aspiring artists and is passionate about sharing her knowledge and experience with others. She offers workshops and classes to help others develop their skills and build their careers in the beauty industry.


Desi's love for her craft is evident in everything she does, from her intricate makeup designs to her stunning and timeless hairstyles. She is a true artist in every sense of the word, and her dedication to her work has made her one of the most sought-after makeup artists and hair stylists in Los Angeles and around the world.

Behind the Chair